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Closing Day and Moving In

Closing Day

If you have come this far, then this means that it is almost time for a congratulations! … As your agent, I will ensure that all loose ends get tied up:

Final Walk-Through Inspection.

More of a formality than anything else, the final ‘walk through’ inspection takes place a day before, or on the actual day of closing. You have the option to visit the property to verify that all is in working order, everything is the same as when you last viewed the property, that there are no extra items left behind and that everything included in your purchase is still at the property if you would like to do so.

Home Services and Utilities.

Silvia will have already provided you with a list of useful numbers for the activation of home services and utilities well before closing day so that these are up and running as soon as you take possession of the property.


If you are obtaining financing, you will have signed all pertinent documentation required by the lending institution prior to closing day and if you cannot attend the scheduled closing in person, arrangements can be made depending on the circumstances for you to sign remotely. If bringing funds to close the transaction, you can elect to either have them wired electronically into the escrow account at the title company or bring a cashiers check to the closing in the amount specified on the settlement statement. The escrow officer at the title company handling the transaction will furnish all parties involved with a settlement statement on the actual day that the transaction funds, records and closes, which summarizes and details the financial transactions enacted in the process.

The Seller will arrange to have all property keys and any other important information ready for you and Silvia typically coordinates with the listing agent to ensure pick up and drop off of keys to you at an agreed upon time after the transaction has recorded. Then.. it’s time for you to start moving in!!!!

Consider having all of the locks in the home changed and new keys made. Change any security systems over to your name and set new passwords.

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