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The most important factor when selling your home is whom you choose to represent you. I will facilitate the entire process, provide the highest quality, most appropriately directed advertising for your property and actively work to locate qualified buyers. My job is to familiarize you with the various steps involved when selling a home, the documents and procedures that you will encounter throughout the transaction and to maintain constant communication, providing regular status updates.

You can expect a Realtor that is:

  • Competent and well trained.
  • Discrete and professional.
  • Aware of the local real estate laws and requirements.
  • An effective negotiator.
  • Tech savvy, using only the highest quality, effectively directed marketing that produces results.
  • Actively working to locate qualified buyers for your home.
  • Always available for you.


Listing Your Property

In order to sell your home quickly with the best possible terms, it’s necessary to prepare your home for the market. This process includes:

  • Deciding when to to sell
  • Establishing the correct list price based on recent market activity in your area and your motivation to sell.
  • Estimating probable net proceeds.
  • Advising you on how to make your home more appealing to potential buyers by staging, de-cluttering and rearranging if necessary.

Marketing Your Property

  • Only highly trained, professional videographers and photographers using state of the art techniques are used to showcase your home.
  • Over 80% of home buyers search online prior to engaging with a Realtor. Your home is extensively marketed and syndicated through online channels to the largest sites with the broadest reach.
  • Effective, quality print marketing channels are engaged to capture local, national and international buyers.
  • Throughout the selling process you will receive regular marketing updates and statistics indicating the effectiveness of the various marketing channels being employed.

Managing the Transaction and Closing

  • Sellers truly benefit from having a strong advocate on their side and you can rest assured knowing that I will help you negotiate the highest dollar amount and best possible terms for your sale. All offers will be immediately presented and explained. You will be able to accept, reject, or counter any offer presented. During the negotiation process, I will leverage my experience and skills to assist you with:
  • Reviewing and understanding the contract, its obligations and implications before you sign.
  • Defining legal disclosure requirements.
  • Orchestrate the offer process for counter offers, back-up offers, or rejections if necessary.

Throughout the negotiation, you will be provided with a professional, objective point of view, but ultimately the final decision to accept or reject an offer is yours. Once an offer is accepted, all of the remaining details are managed for you to ensure a smooth escrow period by:

  • Staying in contact with the buyer’s agent to get updates on buyer’s loan status.
  • Facilitating home inspections and any necessary repairs.
  • Monitoring all contingency removal deadlines.
  • Facilitating the closing of the transaction.

After Close

When the transaction has closed, escrow will deliver you the closing check to you in a predetermined manner and I will coordinate delivering the keys to the new owner. You will receive copies of all pertinent transaction paperwork for your records.